Elysium Health and Its Basis Supplement

The Mission of Elysium Health

Elysium Health is a health company that was co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente. Dr. Guarente serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Laboratory for Biology of Aging at MIT,  in addition to being the chief scientist of Elysium Health.

Dr. Guarente has conducted significant research on the molecular and genetic causes of aging. He wanted his company to translate advances in science and technology into clinically-validated health products that work. The overall mission of the company is to help people live healthier, longer.

Elysium Health collaborates with scientists from Yale, Stanford, Harvard, and other leading institutions. These world-class scientists make up Elysium’s scientific advisory board which helps guide its product research and development.

The Study Of NAD+

Elysium Health’s first product is called Basis. This supplement is proven to increase  levels of NAD+ in our bodies. NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential to creation of energy, protection of DNA, and regulation of circadian rhythms, as well as hundreds of other cellular functions. Our levels of NAD+ decline as we age and those processes break down.

To ensure that Basis works as intended, Elysium Health put the supplement through a clinical trial. The trial showed that taking the recommended daily dose of Basis over the course of several weeks increased and sustained levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent in humans.

To purchase Basis, visit Elysium Health’s website. Basis is sold as monthly subscriptions as well as in individual jars. A standard monthly subscription costs $50 each month. Longer subscriptions cost more upfront but offer discounts on the monthly rate.

Basis is vegetarian, vegan, nut-free, and gluten-free, allowing you to stick to your dietary needs while taking the supplement.


Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi Assures Continued Success Following The End Of His Term As President Of Bradesco

Bradesco has had the same president since 2003, and it was revealed by that president, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi he will in fact, be stepping down after 15 years as the leader of the banking and finance company. Octavio de Lazari Junior has been announced as the new president, and will be made official during the AGO meeting scheduled for March 12th 2018. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme will assume the vice president position as part of the coming changes. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also confirmed the retirement of Lazaro Bradesco.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has a lot of information to make public and end speculation as to the future of Bradesco. Bradesco is one the largest financial services companies in Brazil, and has been deploying solutions since 1943. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, the incumbent president began working as a bank clerk in 1969, and since that time has worked in many of the various capacities of Bradesco. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was the Director of Marketing in 1984, during the time he projected a more open transparent culture to the media. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi served as the president of Bradesco’s private pension company from 1992 to 1998, and 1999 he became the Vice President and Chief Executive. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was responsible for increasing Bradesco’s profits from 25% to 35%, from insurance premium revenues alone.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi shared there was a little backlash from the some of the board regarding the appointment of Octavio de Lazari Junior as the new president. Octavio de Lazari Junior, began working at Bradesco in 1978. Octavio de Lazari Junior moved his way up the executive later over the years, becoming Agency Manger, before entering the credit division of Bradesco as the Director. As the Director, he focused the division on credit for small to medium sized companies. Octavio de Lazari Junior was promoted to Department Director of Loans and Financing in 2010, and by 2012 he was appointed the Board of Director Officer. Octavio de Lazari Junior would be appointed Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Bradesco Seguros Group according to g1.globo.com. In addition to Octavio de Lazari Junior’s track record with Bradesco, he is also the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Brazilian Association of Real Estate Credit and Savings Entities (Abecip). Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi stressed that Bradesco has full confidence in Octavio de Lazari Junior’s ability to lead the company to continued success.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, discussed the importance of the board to take its time in the selection process, and acknowledge the frustration of the long process, but it is a necessary process to ensure the best choice was made, and that’s what was done. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi also confirmed the retirement of Lazaro Brandao, the 91 year old veteran of the finance and bank sectors. Lazaro Brandao has had a stellar 75 year career contributing to the success of Bradesco over the years. Carlos Alberto Rodrigues Guilherme assume the Vice President of the council moving forward.

Source: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/geral,bradesco-anuncia-substituto-de-luiz-trabuco-na-presidencia-do-banco,70002178384

Robert Ivy: Building Foundations for Health

     The CEO of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy, believes good, intentional design can improve public health. In the fall of 2012, the American Institute of Architects gave a ten-year commitment to address public health through design and technology solutions. While aesthetics are important to design, the American Institute of Architects and Robert Ivy want environmental and human health to be the main focus of architecture.

There are three initiatives for their ten-year goal: collaboration planning with the communities involved, university research, and Hackathons to create apps and technology. The University of Arkansas, Texas A&M, and the University of New Mexico were the first to receive research grants. Part of Robert Ivy’s research goals is to prove that design impacts health and they are seeking to quantify the benefits.

Robert Ivy is the Executive Vice President as well as being the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects since February of 2011. Prior to the AIA, he was with McGraw-Hill from 1996 to 2011 as Editor in Chief for the Architectural Record. He was also the Vice President and Editorial Director for several design and construction publications at McGraw-Hill.

In the United States, there is a 35% obesity rate along with an additional 35% being overweight. In children, there is a 17% obesity rate and something needs to be done. Robert Ivy hopes to see architecture transform public health by encouraging more physical activity and by improving the mental health of the public. Cities are implementing more parks with scenic walking trails and building schools with natural lighting to improve the students’ ability to concentrate.

A cum laude graduate in English, Robert Ivy earned his bachelor’s degree in 1969 from the University of the South. As an honorary member of the architectural fraternity Tau Sigma Delta, in 1976 Robert Ivy finished his education at New Orlean’s Tulane University. The Columbus, Mississippi native earned a master’s in Architecture.

The Alpha Rho Chi architectural fraternity named Robert Ivy the only Master Architect

According to Alpha Rho Chi in the 21st century. At the Design Futures Council, he holds a Senior Fellowship. Along with receiving the Crain Award by the American Business Media in 2009, in 1998 he was given the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. His publications are also highly decorated with dozens of awards being given to the Architectural Record during his time at McGraw-Hill.


Hussain Sajwani the Relentless Entrepreneur

As a boy, Hussain Sajwani had to work lots of long hours after school by helping his entrepreneur father in his variety store. Sajwani swore that he would never go into business for himself because of the necessary long hours. He kept saying that he would get a degree and become a professional so that he would be able to work normal hours.


As things turned out, Hussain won a scholarship to the University of Washington in the USA where he graduated with an engineering degree. After graduation he traveled back to his home country of Dubai and became an employee of an oil and gas company. Soon, however he saw an opportunity and founded a catering company that did very well supplying the US Army food during the Gulf Wars.


In 2002, Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties because the UAE had lifted immigration restrictions on foreigners coming into the country to life, and he was expecting a real estate boom. He was right on the money, as his first project sold completely out before he had even begun construction.


Sajwani is noted for his aggressive and innovative marketing which he has used from the beginning to catch the attention of prospective buyers for his apartments. For example in his initial ads he garnered instant attention with his, “Get A Free Bently With Each Apartment.” Needless to say, this approach worked very well.


Sajwani buys his land with cash on the spot which makes it impossible for anyone to foreclose, so he can weather any economic downturn. The rest of the construction and finishing of his projects he might finance only a small portion of that part, so he is always in financial control.


He also sets up a separate accounting and bank account for each individual project so each one stands on its own. If a particular project does take a downturn, it then does not affect the rest of his business. Even so, there has never been a hint of any financial problem, as he has built over 19,000 apartments since the inception of the company with an additional 44,000 in the works.


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Youthful Results with Jeunesse Global

Jeunesse is a modern brand that works with advanced health and beauty products. Started by Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray, this company has been breaking barriers in the beauty industry since September 9th, 2009 at 9:00 p.m. when they officially began as a brand. They bring products to consumers that enhance their youth and are innovative among the competition. Their products together complete the Youth Enhancement System which will keep you feeling young and most like yourself.

While Jeunesse has many highly sought after products, one of their most loved is the Instantly Ageless microcream. While everyone hates the large bags, small fine lines, and under-eye darkness that comes along with the aging process, not everyone has to live with them! Instantly Ageless takes strong anti-wrinkle technology and keeps your eyes looking young and fresh within minutes of applying it.

Another great product Jeunesse offers is the Luminesce product line. Within this line of high quality products, you get huge amounts of anti-aging qualities packed into easily used beauty items for your daily routine. Say goodbye to the fine lines that you thought would never leave your skin, because Luminesce hydrating technology guarantees that you will be looking younger within days of use. This product line offers amazing anti-aging results in a variety of products. A serum and moisturizer are available for quick morning use. A cleanser and night repair cream can also be purchased for those who engage in skincare during the evening. Even a hydrating mask is offered, for those who simply need a fresh burst of youth for special occasions or especially busy weeks.

Jeunesse is the perfect option for those who have failed to find results in skincare. In their products you will find only the best ingredients that are delicately mixed into the perfect combination of healing, youthful serums and creams. Where other brands fail to offer quick results that last, Jeunesse offers products that offer huge effects over the long haul and products that work instantly for rapid results! Make sure to consider these products which have been proven again and again to work in order to feel youthful once again.


Securus – Serious About Technologies

Founded in 1986 and its headquarters based in Dallas Texas, Securus Technologies has been in operation for more than 30 years now. This is a company that provides civil and criminal justices with high technology solution. A platform that enhances safety to the public and to the prisoners, it makes life in prison better. This is by enhancing biometric analysis and improving communication.


Today, thousands of correction facilities in America have adopted the company’s technology solutions as it is easy to use and always accessible. For the families of the prisoners, it has helped them to keep in touch with their loved ones away from home. This has been done possible by:

  • Phone services
  • Video calling


Phone Services


For you to stay in touch with your detained loved ones, Securus has introduced phone service to our prison facilities. With several payment product options, you can choose the one that fits your need and keeps you in touch with your loved ones. These payment products include: Inmate debit, Advance Connect, Direct bill and Traditional collect.


Video Services


This is a convenient way of communicating with your incarcerated ones by opting to schedule a visit without travelling to the facility. Visits are supposed to be scheduled in advance with the prison’s visitation hours policies. Anywhere visit allows you to visit your loved ones online using a web camera in your computer. Remember to open a securus online account for you to enjoy this product.

For the dispatchers and companies that offer emergency services, Securus has come in hand as it connects them to those that are in need of their services.


Drone Detection


Recently, securus has launched the use of Drone Detection technology in correction facilities. This is after the discovery of drones being used in delivering phones, drugs and even weapons to the detainees. This can be dangerous not only to the detainees but also to the prison warders

The technology is able to detect and stop drones from reaching the correctional facilities as it uses digital antennae structure. Though the product is in its trial phase, it can only get better in enhancing security and keeping our prisons safe


In 2017, Securus customer care won six awards that includes sales and service award. These awards clearly show Securus’ world class customer service and the expertise shown by its customer care service team


Today Securus has invested more than half a billion in coming up with the world’s best technology to secure our correctional facilities. This has lead to over 1.7 million illegal communication attempts being detected and blocked in eight US prisons. With recent research showing an increase in crimes organized in prisons using illegal cell phones, we can only hope that it’s just a matter of time before Securus technology arrests the whole situation.

How Clayton Huston Developed Into One Of Rock’s Best Tour Managers

Clayton Hutson is a business owner in the music industry. He has years of experience with helping musicians put on a live music experience. He is always respectful of the musician, or musical group, and what they are trying to accomplish for their fans. He has a college degree in theatre design and upon graduating he went to work for a number of companies in this industry. He has held a wide variety of positions including Production Manager, Sound Engineer, Automation Operation, Gaffer, and more. He says he’s pretty well versed in everything it takes to help musicians put on a successful concert.

When Clayton Huston first started got out of college his first job was with the organization that did Billy Graham’s appearances. He said he had this position for quite awhile before he jumped to the world of rock’n’roll. Between working for other companies and running his own live entertainment production company he says that he has been a part of managing, producing, and designing a huge number of live tours. Among some of the big artists he has worked with are Marilyn Manson, Pink, Guns’n’Roses, OneRepublic, Aaron Lewis (of Staind fame), Garbage, and Kid Rock.

Clayton Huston says that as of late he has been doing a lot of stage management. This means that during live music events he runs the floor, from the beginning of the set to the end. The musician he is presently working on a tour with is Kid Rock. He says that each day begins for him at 6:30 a.m. as he needs be at the venue first. He says he goes through the schedule for the day and handles other tasks during this time such as putting together to-do lists for the people that make up his crew.

As for one music industry trend that Clayton Huston really enjoys, he says its all the new technology that is now available to him and his crew. He says that being in the live entertainment business means you’re either on the leading edge of technology or you risk being regarded as obsolete by audiences. Learn more: http://www.prosoundweb.com/article/digicos_inaugural_sd11_makes_world_debut_on_tour_with_staind_frontman_aaron/

How Gregory James Aziz has succeeded in Running National Steel Car

Gregory James Aziz is a respected personally who has brought a lot of transformation in National Steel Car. Greg Aziz has achieved a lot of successes in the company due to his quality leadership skills. Gregory J. Aziz has assisted the company to gain reputation in various parts of the world. Currently, he serves as the president and CEO of the company. The company has succeeded in delivering high-quality freight cars to millions of consumers. The success was realized through the wise counsel of Greg Aziz.


National Steel Car has been in operation in the many for over hundred years. The presence of the company has been felt in various parts of the world. The company incorporates advanced technology in the production process. The members of the staff are talented individuals who strive to produce high-quality freight cars. The staff has enabled the company to emerge successful in the world. James Aziz has played a fundamental role in the success of National steel car. He was responsible for relocating the operations of the company from Canadian based to a successful company in North America. The company has experienced tremendous growth under the leadership of Aziz. He is in the forefront in generating ideas that are important in operations of the company.


Gregory Aziz developed problem-solving skills for many years that has been serving in the company. The leadership has shaped his career as the CEO of the company. The education that he received at Ridley College and Western Ontario University have helped in running the company successfully. He specialized in economics in the university. He began his business career while assisting the company in running a business. He enabled the family business to expand its operation in Europe and Canada.


James Aziz was born and brought up in London, Ontario. The environment that he grew to have in boosted his leadership in the business. The company sells over 12000 cars annually. The company employs 3000 employees. The need to increase the number of employees was caused by expansion of the business. The company expanded the operations of the company due to increase in the market. Gregory has made a lot of contributions towards the development of Hamilton community. Some of the projects that have been supported by Aziz are Theatre Aquarius and Hamilton Opera. He has also been involved the charitable activities at Hamilton. James Aziz has been influential in the world due to hard work and commitment to the activities that he carried out. His leadership abilities are behind the success of National Steel Car. Visit This Page for additional information.


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Heal N Soothe Relieves Pain and Reduce Inflammation Naturally

     There’s a new supplement available in the market today called Heal N Soothe. It is an herbal supplement that combines natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Science has already proven that these ingredients do work in reducing pain and inflammation. It is for this reason that the manufacturer is willing to refund the money of the user if it doesn’t produce the effect that the consumer wants.

The manufacturer of Heal and Soothe, Livingwell Nutraceuticals, has combined natural ingredients that reduce pain and inflammation to produce an herbal supplement that can prevent and control these conditions. Livingwell is very confident of the supplement’s capability of reducing pain and inflammation that it is willing to refund the money of buyers who will not feel better when they have taken it. The manufacturer is willing to give a buyer two weeks to try the supplement and says it will gladly return his money if there is no improvement in his condition.

What is it that makes Heal N Soothe effective in dealing with pain and inflammation? Livingwell says that the supplement contains a combination of the most potent natural ingredients that are known to relieve pain and inflammation. At least there are 10 of these ingredients in each capsule of Heal and Soothe. One of these is Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes. These enzymes, as research studies have shown, can help the body fight inflammation. It can also cleanse the blood, breakdown scarred tissue and strengthen the immune system and improve respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

Heal N Soothe also contains Boswellia Extract. This extract has been used in traditional Indian medicine to reduce inflammation and pain. Aside from these healing properties, Boswellia Extract can also support good blood circulation, as many studies have shown.

Another ingredient of Heal N Soothe is Turmeric Extract. The extract is sourced from the dried root of the turmeric plant. This ingredient has been used for thousands of years to treat different kinds of diseases. It was also proven in many studies that this ingredient can reduce inflammation because it can block 5-LOX and COX-2 enzymes which cause pain. Tumeric also possesses anti-oxidant properties that can destroy the free radicals that develop inside the body which can also cause swelling and pain.

Papain is another active ingredient of Heal N Soothe. It is sourced from the dried roots of the papaya plant. Studies have proven that papain can also reduce inflammation by blocking 5-LOX and COX-2 enzymes. It also helps in the elimination of free radicals.


Show Off Individuality with Lime Crime’s Cruelty-Free Bold Cosmetics

Bold colors of countless varieties in makeup and cosmetics are important; wearing makeup that can make a statement and show individuality is something a lot of people want, but how much of the products we see are vegan and cruelty-free? It’s quite difficult to go to a local store and figure out which (if any) brands are even just cruelty-free. However, thanks to the Lime Crime Cosmetics, that worry goes down the drain with bright, beautiful colors in nail polish, eye shadows, lipstick, and so much more. The business is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA. Plus, the owner of Lime Crime is a wonderful person with a meaningful story and company.


The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, became one of the first major female entrepreneurs after showing off her makeup line in 2008 on the internet, which is exceptionally inspirational to future female entrepreneurs working towards the same goal today. She started off by creating designs for clothing, but couldn’t find the right shades of makeup to match the outfits she had created; thus, she decided to just make her own. The clothing was already selling on eBay steadily for about 4 years, and about a year after launching the makeup line and promoting them with video tutorials, business started to catch up quick.


After studying illustration and fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Doe Deere decided to drop out and start using what she learned in advance to up start her business. Even at this time she was doubtful in her brand as it was starting out and wasn’t for sure if the clothing line was what she wanted to be completely invested in. However, she states that after beginning to create the makeup line, she knew that was the right thing and “never looked back”.


Doe Deere commented in an interview, “Now I have always been in love with two things: fairy tales and makeup. I decided to combine my two loves to make an imaginative, cruelty-free make-up brand that’s fun for everyone to wear.” She goes on to describe how each design aspect of her brand was intentional. Individuality and compassion is represented by Lime Crime’s mascot, the unicorn. The name was made to support a whimsical and fantasy aspect. Doe Deere makes enough from her business and is a kind enough person to actually support quite a few charities, including, but not limited to, the Red Cross, Girls Inc., and the Bideawee animal shelter. Learn more:  http://yourbeautycraze.com/how-beauty-expert-doe-deere-gets-ready


To put it simply, both Doe Deere and her Lime Crime brand are unique, individualistic, and honest; the business’ mission is to revolutionize makeup with bright, fun colors while also catering to the importance of products being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Wearing Doe Deere’s makeup line not only is whimsical and fun, but also makes a statement showing who you are and what you stand for.