Month: December 2017

Jeremy Goldstein’s Thoughts on How Knockout Options Can Benefit Companies and their Workers

Companies are slowly locking out employees from enjoying the benefits of having stocks. Reasons behind their decision are complex to understand. Some companies don’t issue their workers with stock options for them to save money. Others are afraid that workers may use the stocks as leverage for compensation. Despite their complicated reasons, stock options can benefit corporations in many ways as Jeremy Goldstein notes.


Stock options encourage employees to work harder since their earnings depend on their company’s success. They can also be used as compensation for employees’ insurance coverage, equities or additional wages. Goldstein believes that they provide something to all workers with an equal value. According to him, a company can only gain these benefits by adopting a strategy known as “knockout.”


The “Knockout” Strategy


Jeremy Goldstein uses the term “knockout” to imply that stock options share the same timeframe and requirements for investing. Workers of a particular firm automatically lose them as soon as a share value goes below a particular amount. Goldstein also points out that accounting costs reduce if a firm with volatile stocks adopts this strategy.


Jeremy Goldstein’s Career Background


Jeremy Goldstein is an alumnus of the New York University School of Law, JD graduate, and the University of Chicago, M.A graduate. He also earned an undergraduate B.A degree from Cornell University. As a lawyer, he is involved with Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, a law firm he founded. He uses his expertise in executive compensation and corporate governance to attend to clients’ needs at the firm.


Goldstein facilitated corporate transactions involving corporations such as J.P Morgan Chase, The Dow Chemical Company and Goldman Sachs. As a board member, he is affiliated with NYU Journal of Law’s Professional Advisory Board and Fountain House’s board of directors. Jeremy Goldstein is also a writer and speaker on executive compensation and corporate governance issues.


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The Affordability Of The Nutrisystem Plans


Weight loss and diet require a plan with a high rating. Nutrisystem is one of the top plans, and the ratings are excellent. Most people believe this means the plan is pricey, but when compared to the price of groceries, the price is affordable. Most people spend a lot of time grocery shopping and cooking. Unfortunately, this often leads to overeating. This is eliminated with Nutrisystem meals because they are already prepared and simply need to be microwaved.


The top plan from Nutrisystem is $11.96 a day, or three meals and two snacks for $12. This is only around $3 for a complete meal. The meal choices are extensive, and you will not be paying $15 to $20 to overeat at an Italian restaurant. You can simply enjoy the perfect portion of Italian cuisine from Nutrisystem and continue losing weight.


Nutrisystem has affordable plans for all different needs. The Basic Plan is $274.99 per month, or just $9.82 each day. The shipping is free, and a weight loss of up to 13 pounds and seven inches is guaranteed during the first month. The Core Plan is $294.99 per month, or just $10.54 each day. The weight loss remains the same and the shipping is free. You choose your meals, and have access to dieticians and counselors. The Uniquely Yours Plan has the top ratings and best value. The cost is $334.99 per month, or just $11.96 each day. The food choices increase with a frozen foods menu. All Nutrisystem plans are affordable cost wise, enjoyable and convenient.


In comparison to Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem does not charge shipping or fees. The Uniquely Yours Plan is $11.96 each day, but Jenny Craig charges $15 to $23 each day, there is a monthly membership fee, and the cost of shipping. Jenny Craig does not offer support, unlimited counseling, or your money back if the guaranteed weigh loss is not achieved.


BistroMD’s full program is $19.28 each day, or $134.96 every week. Nutrisystem provides two snacks and three meals each day, while BistroMD provides three meals for just six days, and only two for the seventh. The Nutrisystem plan provides snacks, and the snack program through BistroMD has an additional cost. There is no weight loss guarantee, and their shipping is $19.95.