Month: January 2018

Understanding Adam Milstein And Who He Is

Adam Milstein is someone who has a family behind him. He has a wife who works with him in running the organization that they started together. He and Gina help others through their organization and they change lives. He is also a father. Adam Milstein has three daughters who are a part of his life. He is a grandfather. He has two grandsons and one granddaughter. This man knows what it is like to have a family and to look out for that family.

Adam Milstein is a businessman. He is a real estate investor, and he does great work in that regard. He is someone who understands what types of investments are worth making and which types of investments he is going to regret making. He is a managing partner for Hager Pacific Properties, and he does great work there.

Giving is something that is important to Adam Milstein, and he has a charity that is all about helping out those who are in need. The Adam and Gina Milstein Family Foundation provides aids to a number of other charities and organizations that are out there. This foundation is there for the Jewish who are in need of help.

Adam Milstein is someone who is involved in more groups and foundations than just his own. He is a board member who helps with the decision making process for a number of other organizations. He sits on the board of the Israel on Campus Coalition as well as the Jewish Funders Network. He is on the board of Birthright Israel and Stand by Me.

Adam Milstein is someone who is involved in social media and who has made a difference in that way. He is known as one of the top 25 activists who are a part of Twitter. He shares his beliefs in big ways through social media and he uses that platform to help him touch the world around him.

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Dr. David Samadi Works Hard to Rid the World of Prostate Cancer

Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York and a man who is passionate about fighting cancer and especially prostate cancer. He got started in the business of helping men out with their prostate issues because he always wanted to be a doctor. It was when he realized how much robotic surgeries can help with prostate treatment that he decided to get into the specific field of treating prostate cancer through innovative technology. Now, he is looking to employ a procedure that cuts out many of the side effects associated with conventional prostate cancer surgery.

Dr. David Samadi was successful before he began to use robotics for surgery, but once he went to France and learned more about the cutting edge technology that he uses now, he came back to the United States and began to really succeed. It was the fact that men could get the surgery without becoming impotent or suffering from many of the other downsides of conventional surgery that drew his first patients in. Instead of employing a complicated marketing strategy to get more patients in, Dr. Samadi knows that patient referrals count a lot more. Since he has always offered his patients excellent service and his complete attention, he has always had a steady flow of patients that come in from word of mouth recommendations.

Dr. David Samadi knows that a lot of his success comes from the fact that he is a stickler for keeping a tight schedule. His routine helps him to be more efficient, and he also relies on his staff who he treats like family. Looking into the future, he is hoping to continue to help men with their prostate issues as well as the rest of their health, and he is thrilled to be on the front lines using a modern day technique that is proving to be extremely successful.

Dr. David Samadi attended Stony Brook School of Medicine where he graduated, and he continued his postgraduate studies at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and the Montefiore Medical Center. At this time, he has completed more than 7,000 prostate surgeries, and his SMART method has had a 90% success rate for ridding his patients of cancer. People seek his advise constantly, and he has offered it to them through different outlets; one of these being a show called “Sunday Housecall” that was featured on Fox News.

Hussain Sajwani Promotes Luxury Living in Dubai

When Hussain Sajwani was growing up his father made him work long hours after school working in the family business. He had mentioned to his father that he would never want to be in business for himself because the hours were too long. It would be much better to get a degree and be a professional so his hours would be more regular.


Then it came to pass that Hussain received a scholarship to the University of Washington in the United States, where he received an engineering degree. He then returned to Dubai where he worked as an engineer for an oil company. However, that was short-lived as he started his own company which served food to the United States. That business has been very successful and is still going strong today.


Hussain formed DAMAC in 2002 which is a real estate development company. When the United Arab Emeritz made the decision to allow foreigners to immigrate, he visualized a real estate boom, and he turned out to be right on the money. His first project of apartments was totally sold out even before the construction was started.


Advertising and promotion became the skill that Sajwani became very good at and the results speak for themselves. At this time, the DAMAC owner has built 19,000 apartments with another 44,000 in differing stages of completion. By now, other members of the Hussain Sajwani family are willing participants in other phases of management and other key roles.


The business tactics that Sajwani uses are very conservative. He always pays cash on the barrelhead. He never finances the rest of the build-out at only about 10 to 20 percent. He keeps a separate bank account for each project with a separate accounting system. That way even if one project has some difficulty, it won’t affect the rest of the business.


DAMAC is well-known for its luxurious facilities, and Hussain has even partnered with Donald Trump to build some of his luxury golf courses at some of the properties. Peoople like the idea of having all the conveniences, yet having all of the maintenance done by the properties.


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Ronald Fowlkes Helps People Realize Their Goals

For years, Ronald Fowlkes worked in the law enforcement industry. While he was doing that, he made sure he was learning as much as he could about it. He wanted to show people they could get the help they needed even if they were not doing things the way they wanted. He also wanted others to realize there were different things that would allow them the chance to try more with the careers they had. It went back to what he was doing to help people and how he could provide different options in the industry he was working with. Ronald Fowlkes knew there would be ways in which he could help, but he wanted to do something that would have a big impact on the community. He wanted people to realize what he was doing was for their benefit instead of for his own like other people had done in the past.


By looking at all of these things, Ronald Fowlkes knew what he was doing and knew there would be other options he could use to make things better. He also knew things would continue to grow for him and in the company he was a part of. It was how he was going to make sure things would allow him the chance to show people what they could get out of the different situations they were in. Ronald Fowlkes knew what he could do and knew he would make things easier on his own as long as he was helping other people out.


For Ronald Fowlkes, this was part of how he could help law enforcement. He knew they needed a lot of help and they didn’t really have anyone to stand behind them when it came to products that they could use. He wanted them to feel like they had him as a friend and that’s what he did while he was helping them through difficult situations. It all went back to what he was doing and how he could provide people with more opportunities than what they had in the past.


Ronald Fowlkes knows there are things he can do to help people. He is dedicated to their help and knows what it will take to give them the options they are looking for. He also knows what things will make a difference for others. Since he knows all of this, he is prepared to give the community what they are looking for. The law enforcement community is now recognizing Ronald Fowlkes and Eagle Products as something that will make a difference. Ronald Fowlkes knew this and knew he was doing what he could to help other people out with the issues they were facing.


Sussex Health Care Goes Above And Beyond To Care For Their Service Users

Amanda Morgan-Taylor was recently appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Sussex Health Care (SHC). She is an qualified Mental Health nurse and has over 30 years of experience in the public and independent sectors. Amanda aims to consistently improve and maintain the high standard of care and support that every one of the 20 homes provides. The Sussex Health Care organization provides care centre and support services to patients in 20 homes. Since its inception in 1985, SHC has provided the best care and attention to its patients. Sussex Health Care is the largest provider of residential and nursing care in the Sussex area. The homes offer a range of services including, care for the elderly, dementia care, neurological care and learning disabilities and profound multiple learning disabilities care.

Sussex Health Care has one objective, which is to provide the best personal attention and clinical care to every one of its patients. The highly trained, qualified and professional teams of dedicated caregivers are often present 24 hours a day. SHC Audiology provides services relating to age-related hearing loss, hearing aids, hearing aid aftercare and support to NHS patients and ENT clinics. Patients have described caregivers at SHC Audiology as friendly, kind and professional with one saying, “it couldn’t have been better, thank you!”


In order to develop relationships between service users and their caregivers Sussex health Care has developed an exceptional training program for its qualified nursing teams. All homes are encouraged to provide activities where both caregiver and service users participate including, handicrafts, quizzes, reminiscence sessions and occupational therapy.

Sussex Health Care promises to care and provide attention to every aspect of the service users life. Qualified chiefs using only the freshest ingredients meticulously create each meal; experts are brought in to provide therapy of any kind and every employee is trained and guided at every step of the way. Sussex Health Care not only provides professional help it ensures that individuals of every age, nature and ability are provided their rights to live a normal life.

In order to provide the best healthcare and ethical practices Sussex Health Care has maintained the accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation service (UKAS) and follows the National Good Practice Guide. Sussex Health Care’s mission statement has remained unchanged since the beginning. It is to provide the highest quality and standard of physical, spiritual, emotional and social care that truly recognizes the needs of the individual and their families. Sussex Health Care ensures that the patients and their families are provided the safest environment that fosters and nurtures self-respect, independence and above all, upholds the dignity of the individual.