Month: February 2018

Heal N Soothe Relieves Pain and Reduce Inflammation Naturally

     There’s a new supplement available in the market today called Heal N Soothe. It is an herbal supplement that combines natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Science has already proven that these ingredients do work in reducing pain and inflammation. It is for this reason that the manufacturer is willing to refund the money of the user if it doesn’t produce the effect that the consumer wants.

The manufacturer of Heal and Soothe, Livingwell Nutraceuticals, has combined natural ingredients that reduce pain and inflammation to produce an herbal supplement that can prevent and control these conditions. Livingwell is very confident of the supplement’s capability of reducing pain and inflammation that it is willing to refund the money of buyers who will not feel better when they have taken it. The manufacturer is willing to give a buyer two weeks to try the supplement and says it will gladly return his money if there is no improvement in his condition.

What is it that makes Heal N Soothe effective in dealing with pain and inflammation? Livingwell says that the supplement contains a combination of the most potent natural ingredients that are known to relieve pain and inflammation. At least there are 10 of these ingredients in each capsule of Heal and Soothe. One of these is Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes. These enzymes, as research studies have shown, can help the body fight inflammation. It can also cleanse the blood, breakdown scarred tissue and strengthen the immune system and improve respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

Heal N Soothe also contains Boswellia Extract. This extract has been used in traditional Indian medicine to reduce inflammation and pain. Aside from these healing properties, Boswellia Extract can also support good blood circulation, as many studies have shown.

Another ingredient of Heal N Soothe is Turmeric Extract. The extract is sourced from the dried root of the turmeric plant. This ingredient has been used for thousands of years to treat different kinds of diseases. It was also proven in many studies that this ingredient can reduce inflammation because it can block 5-LOX and COX-2 enzymes which cause pain. Tumeric also possesses anti-oxidant properties that can destroy the free radicals that develop inside the body which can also cause swelling and pain.

Papain is another active ingredient of Heal N Soothe. It is sourced from the dried roots of the papaya plant. Studies have proven that papain can also reduce inflammation by blocking 5-LOX and COX-2 enzymes. It also helps in the elimination of free radicals.


Show Off Individuality with Lime Crime’s Cruelty-Free Bold Cosmetics

Bold colors of countless varieties in makeup and cosmetics are important; wearing makeup that can make a statement and show individuality is something a lot of people want, but how much of the products we see are vegan and cruelty-free? It’s quite difficult to go to a local store and figure out which (if any) brands are even just cruelty-free. However, thanks to the Lime Crime Cosmetics, that worry goes down the drain with bright, beautiful colors in nail polish, eye shadows, lipstick, and so much more. The business is certified cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA. Plus, the owner of Lime Crime is a wonderful person with a meaningful story and company.


The founder of Lime Crime, Doe Deere, became one of the first major female entrepreneurs after showing off her makeup line in 2008 on the internet, which is exceptionally inspirational to future female entrepreneurs working towards the same goal today. She started off by creating designs for clothing, but couldn’t find the right shades of makeup to match the outfits she had created; thus, she decided to just make her own. The clothing was already selling on eBay steadily for about 4 years, and about a year after launching the makeup line and promoting them with video tutorials, business started to catch up quick.


After studying illustration and fashion design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Doe Deere decided to drop out and start using what she learned in advance to up start her business. Even at this time she was doubtful in her brand as it was starting out and wasn’t for sure if the clothing line was what she wanted to be completely invested in. However, she states that after beginning to create the makeup line, she knew that was the right thing and “never looked back”.


Doe Deere commented in an interview, “Now I have always been in love with two things: fairy tales and makeup. I decided to combine my two loves to make an imaginative, cruelty-free make-up brand that’s fun for everyone to wear.” She goes on to describe how each design aspect of her brand was intentional. Individuality and compassion is represented by Lime Crime’s mascot, the unicorn. The name was made to support a whimsical and fantasy aspect. Doe Deere makes enough from her business and is a kind enough person to actually support quite a few charities, including, but not limited to, the Red Cross, Girls Inc., and the Bideawee animal shelter. Learn more:


To put it simply, both Doe Deere and her Lime Crime brand are unique, individualistic, and honest; the business’ mission is to revolutionize makeup with bright, fun colors while also catering to the importance of products being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Wearing Doe Deere’s makeup line not only is whimsical and fun, but also makes a statement showing who you are and what you stand for.

Madison Street Capital Bags The 2017 M&A Awards

The M&A Advisor held its annual awarding on November 13, 2017. The highly esteemed M&A Advisor Awards held at the Metropolitan Club in New York gave recognition to companies and individuals who have shown excellence in the investment industry. One of the winners was Madison Street Capital, bagging the award for the Debt Financing Deal of the Year and for helping in the transaction of WLR Automotive. WLR Automotive was adviced by Madison Street Capital to have a sale/leaseback 5 of their locations to invest back in the business. This led to a rise in the company’s capital, making them move forward to the express car wash market investment that brought profits. WLR Automotive succeeded in this transaction at a fast pace given the assistance of Madison Street Capital.


According to David Fergusson, the Co-CEO and President of M&A Advisor, they have been giving recognition to the best M&A transactions since 2002. It gives them joy as a company to honor Madison Street Capital as one of the best in the industry, along with a roster of impressive candidates.


Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital was very honored to receive the award. He also congratulated WLR Automotive for their transaction and Madison Street Capital’s Senior Managing Director Barry Petersen.


Madison Street Capital also garnered a nomination for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm Category and Financial Deal of the Year.


The M&A Advisor Gala is an annual event where companies and dealmakers gather and recognize each other’s achievements in the M&A industry. It was participated by 500 of the industry’s best performers, each in their respective industry niches.



Madison Street Capital Reputation

Madison Street Capital is a world-renowned investment company that values excellence and integrity in giving financial services, mergers and acquisitions, and valuation processes. They believe in making their client’s goals as their own. The strategies that they include in their services are adept in positioning their customers at top of the global market, making them succeed through wise financial investments and profitable transactions.


The company believes in the power of newly emerging markets, as it is the main component that allows people to succeed on an international scale. The main goal of Madison Street Capital is to give attention to these markets and to gain the trust of future clients by upholding their highest quality of service. To know more about Madison Street Capital, visit their website at