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Basic Information About Aloha Construction

Aloha Restoration is a professional remodeling contractor based in Illinois. The company is one of the leading home remodelers in the state and provides a wide range of remodeling services such as; bathroom remodeling, professional basement finishing, and kitchen remodeling. The company has a team of professional remodelers and builders that are trained to offer quality services to servants.


Aloha Restoration offers free in-home assessments and works with clients with an aim of meeting their remodeling goals. In addition, the company offers water mitigation and water damage restoration services. The company has a team of certified water restoration experts that offer free property inspection and guarantee a rapid response to water damage challenges in residential and commercial buildings.


Aloha Construction in Lake Zurich, Illinois


This is a family owned company that offers a wide range of construction service in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The company brings together insured contractors and bonded roofers who offer a wide range of construction services. To begin with, Aloha construction offers trusted and bonded roofing services for home owners that may need a new roof after a storm or due to normal aging. The company has the ability to restore your roof by determining the extent of the damage and suggesting suitable materials for restoration.


Examples of other services that are offered by Aloha construction include; home siding repair and replacement, repair and replacement of gutters, and downspout systems, and installation of windows and screens. Aloha Construction has managed to complete over 18,000 projects through its team of dedicated office staff, inspectors, installers, managers, field supervisors and claims specialists. The company has over the years transformed into a general contractor with the necessary capacity to handle a wide range of construction projects. Aloha Construction is always available to handle different types of projects, but the most notable ones including upgrades, major repairs, and minor repairs.