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Heal N Soothe Relieves Pain and Reduce Inflammation Naturally

     There’s a new supplement available in the market today called Heal N Soothe. It is an herbal supplement that combines natural pain relieving and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Science has already proven that these ingredients do work in reducing pain and inflammation. It is for this reason that the manufacturer is willing to refund the money of the user if it doesn’t produce the effect that the consumer wants.

The manufacturer of Heal and Soothe, Livingwell Nutraceuticals, has combined natural ingredients that reduce pain and inflammation to produce an herbal supplement that can prevent and control these conditions. Livingwell is very confident of the supplement’s capability of reducing pain and inflammation that it is willing to refund the money of buyers who will not feel better when they have taken it. The manufacturer is willing to give a buyer two weeks to try the supplement and says it will gladly return his money if there is no improvement in his condition.

What is it that makes Heal N Soothe effective in dealing with pain and inflammation? Livingwell says that the supplement contains a combination of the most potent natural ingredients that are known to relieve pain and inflammation. At least there are 10 of these ingredients in each capsule of Heal and Soothe. One of these is Proteolytic Systemic Enzymes. These enzymes, as research studies have shown, can help the body fight inflammation. It can also cleanse the blood, breakdown scarred tissue and strengthen the immune system and improve respiratory and cardiovascular functions.

Heal N Soothe also contains Boswellia Extract. This extract has been used in traditional Indian medicine to reduce inflammation and pain. Aside from these healing properties, Boswellia Extract can also support good blood circulation, as many studies have shown.

Another ingredient of Heal N Soothe is Turmeric Extract. The extract is sourced from the dried root of the turmeric plant. This ingredient has been used for thousands of years to treat different kinds of diseases. It was also proven in many studies that this ingredient can reduce inflammation because it can block 5-LOX and COX-2 enzymes which cause pain. Tumeric also possesses anti-oxidant properties that can destroy the free radicals that develop inside the body which can also cause swelling and pain.

Papain is another active ingredient of Heal N Soothe. It is sourced from the dried roots of the papaya plant. Studies have proven that papain can also reduce inflammation by blocking 5-LOX and COX-2 enzymes. It also helps in the elimination of free radicals.


Josh Smith Among Organic Food Innovators

A common characteristic found in all innovators is the drive to continually look for new solutions towards every problem, ranging from unavailability of water and to the change of climate. A prototype product that copies the way living systems acquire, deposit and disperses water has been generated in New York by an international team, NexLoop. In the 2017 Biomimicry Global Design challenge, the prototype received an award- The $100,000 Ray C. Anderson Foundation Ray of Hope Prize.
The prototype, AquaWeb, has an objective to help food producers from urban areas to collect and reserve atmospheric moisture, dispersing it to their farms. Aquaweb changes the whole idea of getting water from the ground and instead it employs the idea of harvesting rain and fog water. It then distributes the water to urban farms using passive strategies. This saves energy that would otherwise have been used by the farms to provide water. AquaWeb is inspired by various natural systems such as the crystalline ice plant which stores water, the cribellate orb weaver spider webs which efficiently solicit fog from the air and the Jersey cow mushroom which distributes water.
Other than the AquaWeb, innovation of modular greenhouses by Josh smith has really taken agriculture to a whole new level. Mr. Smith is the founder and CEO of modular greenhouses, based in Reno, Nevada. He believes that children in this generation are fed with a lot of junk and this has driven him to the success of his innovation, Modular Greenhouses. Josh smith, having the knowledge on how to build a self driven focused and experienced team, pushes his company to achieving the set goals.
The modular greenhouse is basically an automated greenhouse that can easily fit in a small backyard, patio or even the living room. According to Josh, most urban area residences have limited space for agriculture, as it is in the case of Rena Nevada. The modular greenhouse solves this problem since its variety of sizes ensures that it can easily be accommodated to an urban home. It is easy to set up, with a quick assembly system that makes it easy for the user to install. It is also fully modular to allow easy expansion of the greenhouse

Dr. David Samadi, a Male and Female Health Adviser

     We all value our health. With every small change in our bodies comes much cause for alarm. As we age, our physiology changes forcing us to adapt to the new transformations. However, physiological changes are more prominent in women as compared to men, and they come with advanced age. When a woman reaches her fiftieth birthday, she becomes weary of tales she might have heard from her seniors that fifty is the age when she might last see her periods. As a scared woman, she falters of the thought of never bearing children again.

However, Dr. David Samadi, a major contributor to Fox News Health provides detailed information that might just be of help to a lady at such a trying time. As an experienced physician, Dr. David Samadi gives bits of advice to every woman to ask her specialist questions concerning menopause. For one, a lady ought to know the exact age when she will start experiencing her menopause. Secondly, the physician should be able to bring the patient to a place of understanding between menopause and perimenopause. Since menopause comes in many stages, it is only befitting that the doctor explains in detail what each phase will entail.

When women start having their menopause, they experience hot flashes something that differs from one lady to the other. Dr. David Samadi advises senior women to consult their physicians to try and gain a deeper understanding of why some things happen to them and not in other people. Samadi goes the extra mile of giving women health tips that will help them better manage their menopause signs and symptoms.

Today, Dr. David B. Samadi is renowned for being a celebrity doctor, a physician knowledgeable in Urology. Also, Samadi is proficient in the treatment of prostate cancer, bladder cancer, and kidney cancer. As an alumnus of Stony Brook University, Montefiore Medical Center Henri Mondor, and the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. David Samadi is the real representation of all that is good and perfect in this universe.

Born in Iran, Dr. Samadi has earned a place in the medical fraternity of the United States of America, taking up many employment opportunities in institutions like Lenox Hill Hospital, the Hofstra North Shore-LIJ School of Medicine, and Fox News. As a man incredibly passionate about medicine, he has helped both men and women access relevant information concerning their health in equal measure. Dr. Samadi has set the bar for the practice of Urology not only in America but also on the entire planet.