Sussex Health Care Goes Above And Beyond To Care For Their Service Users

Amanda Morgan-Taylor was recently appointed as the Chief Executive Officer of Sussex Health Care (SHC). She is an qualified Mental Health nurse and has over 30 years of experience in the public and independent sectors. Amanda aims to consistently improve and maintain the high standard of care and support that every one of the 20 homes provides. The Sussex Health Care organization provides care centre and support services to patients in 20 homes. Since its inception in 1985, SHC has provided the best care and attention to its patients. Sussex Health Care is the largest provider of residential and nursing care in the Sussex area. The homes offer a range of services including, care for the elderly, dementia care, neurological care and learning disabilities and profound multiple learning disabilities care.

Sussex Health Care has one objective, which is to provide the best personal attention and clinical care to every one of its patients. The highly trained, qualified and professional teams of dedicated caregivers are often present 24 hours a day. SHC Audiology provides services relating to age-related hearing loss, hearing aids, hearing aid aftercare and support to NHS patients and ENT clinics. Patients have described caregivers at SHC Audiology as friendly, kind and professional with one saying, “it couldn’t have been better, thank you!”


In order to develop relationships between service users and their caregivers Sussex health Care has developed an exceptional training program for its qualified nursing teams. All homes are encouraged to provide activities where both caregiver and service users participate including, handicrafts, quizzes, reminiscence sessions and occupational therapy.

Sussex Health Care promises to care and provide attention to every aspect of the service users life. Qualified chiefs using only the freshest ingredients meticulously create each meal; experts are brought in to provide therapy of any kind and every employee is trained and guided at every step of the way. Sussex Health Care not only provides professional help it ensures that individuals of every age, nature and ability are provided their rights to live a normal life.

In order to provide the best healthcare and ethical practices Sussex Health Care has maintained the accreditation from the United Kingdom Accreditation service (UKAS) and follows the National Good Practice Guide. Sussex Health Care’s mission statement has remained unchanged since the beginning. It is to provide the highest quality and standard of physical, spiritual, emotional and social care that truly recognizes the needs of the individual and their families. Sussex Health Care ensures that the patients and their families are provided the safest environment that fosters and nurtures self-respect, independence and above all, upholds the dignity of the individual.